Playas Naranjo and Nancite

Playa Naranjo is a stunning 5 km long beach at the southern edge of Sector Santa Rosa.

As part of the ACG, it is protected from development, difficult to access, and teeming with wildlife.

Playa Naranjo is famous for its surfing. There is a small campground near a ranger station, at any given time, there are likely to be a few surfers.

The beach itself is fringed with a narrow mangrove zone that is used by several groups of white-faced capuchins.

A bit further inland, the rocky valleys that drain the sector contain water year-round as well as evergreen gallery forest. These areas have extremely high primate density.

View over the southern part of Playa Naranjo.

Two estuaries—the larger of which is shown here—have formed where the two main valleys meet the ocean.

Another view of the same estuary from the beach at low tide.

At the northwestern part of Playa Naranjo is a well-known surfing icon: Witch's Rock. Playa Nancite is located in the next valley, over the hills in the distance.

View back towards Playa Naranjo from the hills that separate it from the Playa Nancite valley.

Playa Nancite

Nancite is smaller and more remote than Naranjo, and access is carefully restricted because of its importance as a turtle nesting beach. There is a rustic biological research station. The small patch of primary forest supports capuchins and howler monkeys, as well as tapirs, jaguars, and a variety of other animals in a very compact area.