Prospective students and postdocs

If you’re interested in joining my lab at UTSA, please read the following information.

We combine field, laboratory, and computational approaches to study questions about evolution, ecology, behavior, and health in nonhuman primates. We are particularly interested in understanding how social and environmental experiences across the life course relate to individual differences in behavior, health, survival, and fertility. The majority of this work focuses on wild populations of primates in Sector Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, but we work with other study systems as well.

Potential trainees who are interested in joining my research group at UTSA should have research interests that align well with these topics.

At UTSA’s Department of Anthropology, we offer the following graduate degrees:

I do not currently have postdoctoral positions to offer, but if you’re interested in doing postdoctoral research in my lab, please do get in touch with me. There may be opportunities in the near future, and we can discuss possible external sources of funding, including Postdoctoral Research Fellowships through the National Science Foundation or the National Institutes of Health.

If you’d like to apply to join my lab, please send me an email that includes: